Below are some simple programs, info and links relating to game development....  
  OpenGL code  
A small class that can load BMP 24 and 32 bit and TGA 32 bit texture files. Made for testing and learning.
  APIs, Wrapers, Libraries, etc......  
This is a DirectX wraper. Good for quick things. The CrazyMaze game used an older version of this.
MGL is an OpenGL wraper.
Had to put this here...Microsoft DirectX is blowing away OpenGL right now with features and Version 8 is much easier to use the previous versions....still a pain, but it is easier.
This site has some great tutorials for game programming plus more links
Tons of game programming info here. Very good site!
Game engine search engine and more
Great site for articles and news relating to game development.
  Java Applet  
A Java applet I made a few years back. Spiders crawling randomly around the screen. Source code.